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You have the perfect business name.  You email run to gmail and lock down the email address  You print up business cards and leave them at strategic locations. You print out flyers and stick them on the doors of potential clients in which you follow-up with an email. 

And nothing.  Most people don't respond and those that do reply that they are not interested.

The problem?  You are trying to sell a professional service or product using an unprofessional email address.

Just two years ago more than half of website visits were done on the traditional desktop computer.  Today most customers or potential clients that visit your website do so on a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPad.  The ability for your website to automatically adjust by responding to the screen size of the device that is used to visit your website is called

Advancements in technology for web design and development have left many businesses in desperate need of a website redesign.  Having a website should be an asset to your business and not a liability.  Here are 4 ways your outdated website is costing money:

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